Please explore this section of the American Double website to find photos and sound samples, our to purchase  our CDs. Sights features photos from the recording studio and concerts, as well as a set of videos from our 2006 Bolcom program at the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, MI. Sounds introduces you to samples from the American Double’s audio archives.

If you encounter any problems listening to these samples, check out our Help page. To get more information on a specific piece, click on which will take you to the pertinent entry on our Program Notes page. We suggest you take advantage of our Flash-based Music Player (first link in each category), since it automatically loads the entire playlist and allows you to easily pause and fast forward tracks.

Studio Recordings

From our debut CD - Sonatas :

You can read more about how this Debut CD of ours came about or visit the Recordings page to order it now.

From our upcoming CD of Bolcom's music:

Check out our Bolcom Project page for more information on this recording project or click on the looking glass icon for detailed program notes on any of the pieces.

Miscellaneous tracks:
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