Sonatas: AD's Debut Recording

Cover art for the Sonatas CD

Sonatas is the debut CD of the American Double.  The works on this CD are drawn from the standard repertoire, and were chosen to represent the equality that exists between the instruments of a sonata duo.  It is an unfortunate consequence of the “virtuoso movement” that many consider the pianist to be an accompanist in ‘violin’ sonatas.  While this is far from accurate, it is a misnomer that has endured.  It is our hope that this CD will help to remedy this perception.

Brahms’ Sonata in D minor, op. 108 represents the last work he would write for the instrumentation.  It is an excellent example of his masterful control of colors, texture and dramatic tension.  Ravel’s Sonata demonstrates the many of the traits the composer is best known for, such as transparent textures, his affinity for American music (as evidenced in the sultry “Blues” movement) and his virtuosic flair in the scintillating final movement.  Mr. Finehouse contributes a noble and impassioned performance of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in F minor, op. 57, known as the Appassionata”.   Paypal services are available for purchasing online.

Sound samples from "sonatas"

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