An Introduction to Private Recitals

The Private Recital revives an age-old tradition of chamber music being played in actual “chambers” or salons.  Indeed, the kaleidoscope of emotions in chamber music is best experienced in this way.  Imagine listening to the autumnal beauty of a Brahms Sonata while gazing out onto a fall setting through a nearby picture window.  Perhaps you have always wanted a front-row seat in order to watch the pianist’s fingers fly over the keyboard while performing Chopin’s Revolutionary etude.  Experiencing professional musicians performing in the intimacy of a drawing room while relaxing in comfortable armchairs, surrounded by friends and family, offers a musical experience of incomparable beauty excitement.

A Private Recital can enrich any get-together:

  • Any dinner party can be made especially memorable when followed by a Private Recital given especially for your guests.
  • A Private Recital can make a unique gift for a special occasion: Valentine’s Day, a birthday present for the music lover, or as part of an anniversary celebration.
  • A special private concert for you and your friends can represent an experience that will not soon be forgotten by anyone attending.

Audiences of past Private Recitals have expressed unanimous enthusiasm for these concerts in their Reviews of our concerts. In all, a Private Recital offers a refreshing alternative to a public classical music performance.

You might be surprised at the affordability of a Private Recital. For more information on booking the American Double for a Private Recital, please contact Philip Ficsor at (617) 784-4281. You can also email Mr. Ficsor at

The American Double performing at a Private Recital

American Double performs a Private Recital in Newton, MA.

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