Information for the Host

Most Importantly

A Private Recital is meant to enrich an evening with friends and family.  As opposed to background music, it is a concert.  Thus, the music  is the focus. Although one of the advantages of a Private Recital is that one can eat a desert or sip coffee, it must be understood that this is done while listening, not conversing.

Repertoire Choices

The American Double takes special care to construct programs that will be diverse and engaging, yet “easy on the ears”.  The specific repertoire for a Private Recital depends to a large extent  upon the program the American Double is currently playing.  Repertoire can be seen on the “Current Repertoire” listing.  Special requests may only be drawn from our “Complete Repertoire”.  Inquire for more details.

Contracts and other arrangements

Upon deciding to host a Private Recital, availability, repertoire, and dress code will be discussed.  A representative from the American Double and the host will then meet to sign a one-page document that puts in writing the agreed upon terms and other details.  A Deposit  will be required at this time.  Complete payment must be received one week prior to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have a piano.  The American Double offers the highest quality keyboard currently available on the market.  This means that any venue can experience a Private Recital.

We don’t have enough room in our house.  Many potential hosts feel that their homes are insufficiently large to host a classical music concert.  A space large enough to hold eight people is sufficient.  Consider open air concerts, as an alternate venue.

How would I “promote” it?  It is essential to understand that a Private Recital is similar to any other gathering you would normally have in your home.  Whether you phone people, or send written invitations, personal contact is crucial.  A Private Recital is a gathering of friends; only secondarily is it a show for the general public.

How do we finance this?  This is a personal decision.  There are many options the musicians are willing to discuss with you.  As musicians, they are as excited to perform for you as you are to host them.  Thus, the expense of a private recital is usually fairly negotiated by both parties.  

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