What We Think

In this section, you will find essays by members of American Double on issues of importance to them. “Recalled to Life” addresses the issue of concert repertoire choice and how lesser known works can have a refreshing effect on the standard repertoire. “To Memorize” briefly explores the history of memorization in classical music performance and articulates the American Double’s position on memorization. In "The Future of Music" (forthcoming), we consider how concert life is changing and offer suggestions on how musicians can adapt to these new challenges. In "Question Everything" we survey the development of the violin piano duo and consider how certain performance conventions have influenced our understanding of this genre. "Performing with Heart and Mind" explores the technical, emotional and cognitive aspects of interpretation and how this three-fold approach to music-making can enrich one’s performance. We hope you find these essays enjoyable and thought-provoking. Be encouraged to email your comments to us; we would love to hear from you!

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